School of wisdom

Aborubaye, I am Akengen.

I believe that life in this visible world is a gift, a chance that our spiritual essence, vision and our plan for life is materialized and realized.

My life mission is to assist you to LEGITIMATE YOUR ORIGINAL DREAMS, MISSION, to free your CREATIVE FORCE, your original wise self you had before entering in this life. I have become a mother of secret; »Iyanifa« and I will assist you to unlock secrets of your life. When you acknowledge truth you have passed half the way to your transformation. And then you can take the right to flight your flight of life majestically.

School of wisdom

Discover your individual essence and connect your today “reality” with it.

Are you ready to open the gateway of freedom of being what you really are?

Did they told you that the most important resource of true wisdom and true knowledge are inside you and existed even before you were born? Talents, soul and spiritual essence are waiting to spring out when you will learn how to approach. Our online program will prepare your mind to become your real assistant instead of jail keeper. You meant to walk your own path, think your own thoughts, and fulfill your true dream.

You are much more than you believe you are.

Let as start, to loosen tidiness of your limited believes, imposed truth, neglection and fierce of being what you realy are..
» Do I need to change totally and live everything behind? «
No, usually this even not recommended.
Just legitimate your right to feel what you feel, even a right for mistake, gives your child a chance to play and reclaim a passion to explore and learn again. Does all this frighten you or you don’t know where to star?

We can assist you in with:

To incrase your awarenes and teach you the tools with our online

Education program

To asist your mind to meet your own truth and get in tatch with your own spiritual esence – your ORI with

Consultation with IFA Wisdom – Orientation for Life

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To clean your energy, lusen your limited belives, bring support or protect

Individual Therapies and Rituals

My individual spiritual essence –Ori

Career of my destiny, inner compass

My workshops and training:

Balancing and connecting spiritual, mental, emotional and physical existence and became whole

Our chosen themes are simple and basic to apply them in everyday life. It is for everyone. For those who want to be a good parent, teacher, businessmen, whoever wants to be what he is? But careful: I don’t teach only through theoretical transmition of knowledge. I have many assistants: the ancestors, life keeper of the ancient knowledge, god and godeses of nature, many spiritual energy will assist. So prepare your mind that your inner self will want to come from inside out, your own spiritual source – your divine self will feel the chance and probably will knock on the door of your conscious. Ancient knowledge applied in every level of today and modern life? Why not. It is the way to became whole being again. Also your soul is ancient.

Povratak korenima

Go to the Roots healing programs

Working with past and ancestors means healing the problems at its roots. You liberate your present from past impact, help your ancestors and even you help next 7 coming generation. And there is so much to do!

Transgeneration ritual of cleaning 7 generation – The ancient knowledge for healing of your entire family tree

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Gets access to self healing through?

Energies of Nature series

The ancient knowledge and understanding of nature is about to revile to you.

Entre in to life – meet and connect with the spiritual in everything around you.

Spirituality and business? Everything in this life is spiritual, also many and specially work

Duhovnost i preduzetništvo? Sve je u životu duhovno, pa i rad. Naročito rad!

Planning and defining goals

Learn how to focus your energy and to became a master of your time

When we connect work with our vision, when money serves too fulfill our deep dreams and are a tool to realize our mission than and only than we feel the abundance, satisfaction of our self-realization.

Learn to communicate with the visionar in yourself, connect your vision with time and learn to focus the energy, how to define goals, connect creator in you with your work, learn the energies supporting your mind to be strategically and learn that secreted of many is to serve.

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